Joel’s 15 for 2015

Well, this site needs to start somewhere, and since it will eventually see a lot of the travel writing and photography that’s been gathering dust on our hard drives, it makes sense to begin by looking backward.

2015 dawned as a difficult year for both of us. Having grown accustomed to living comfortably in South Korea and exploring incredible places across Asia and Central America over the past 4 years, early January found us hunkered down in a basement in the woods of North Bay, Ontario. We both tried to stay warm and financially afloat while I completed my teacher certification with uncertain prospects for future work abroad.

I’m happy to say it ended well. I completed my bachelors of education. Catherine survived a Canadian winter. And we found great jobs with an exciting school in Istanbul, Turkey. Since this time last year, we’ve explored the mean streets of a resurgent Detroit, hiked and canoed our way across some of the most spectacular backcountry of both the USA and Canada, drove a tiny car halfway across North America only to trade it for a badass motorcycle to complete the crossing, moved to one of the world’s oldest and largest cities, raced across Croatia at reckless speeds in an underpowered rental car, explored the coastline of Greek Cyprus and swam around Aphrodite’s birthplace, gorged ourselves on beer and sausage in Prague and Berlin, and celebrated Christmas in stunning old Budapest.

It’s been a great year. And I took a lot of pictures. These are my 15 favourite. I can’t wait to see what 2016 will bring!



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  1. Terry Sparks says: Reply

    Stunning photographs, the colors so rich.

  2. Terrific pictures. I’m glad I found this site. I look forward to reading old stuff to hear about how your travels have been!

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