Joel’s 20 Favourite Images from England and Scotland

After our Norway adventure last summer, I briefly parted ways with my travel partner. While Catherine had to return to the USA to write some teaching exams, I took the opportunity to ride a bicycle across northern Spain and complete the 850-kilometre Camino Frances path to Finisterre. I didn’t take many pictures, and the ones I did take just aren’t that good. My mind was in a different space.

We reunited three weeks later in London – the first of a series of reunions bringing us back in touch with old friends from our years in South Korea. After a few days in London, we flew north to Glasgow and rented a car to tour the Scottish highlands. The diversity of the trip, from the skyscrapers and modern angles of London, to the vibrant street life of the various neighbourhoods, to the rugged hills of Scotland, made it difficult to process these in any consistent style. Each one was a moment in itself. Regardless, these are my favourite images from our time in the UK.

My trophy shot of Big Ben and Westminster Bridge. This angle is a classic.
The financial district is paradise for ‘looking-up’ shots.
This was another trophy image on my London list. The hardest part of taking it was fending off the well-intentioned police. They don’t like you taking pictures of buildings in London.
Timing is everything.
Amazing buildings in London.
Bjarke Ingels’ pavilion at the Serpentine Gallery.
One of the speakers in boisterous Hyde Park.
Another character in Hyde Park.
From wandering the Royal Observatory grounds.
A man on break up Greenwich Hill.
Breaking rules in the Greenwich Foot Tunnel.
Perusing the market at Camden Locks.
Our first big scenic stop in Scotland.
A brilliant waterfall a short hike in through Glen Nevis.
Worth the midges.
Still… worth the midges.
I’m a sucker for furthest/tallest/lowest/etc. This is the northeasternmost point in mainland Scotland. That is the northeasternmost sheep.
Quite the company car at the Glenmorangie distillery.
This random castle was our last stop for a snack on our way back to Avis. Thank you, Scotland. I’ll be back.

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  1. Mom says: Reply

    The images of London buildings are breathtaking and unique, Joel. Please capture these in a bound manner someday. Dad only saw a few so far as we are driving home but he feels a lot of people do artistic pictures but when you focus on a person it evokes emotion, a story to be told. What a talent and so happy you share it.

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