A Weekend in Cappadocia

Last October, a couple friends of ours decided to take part in a long-distance trail run in Cappadocia, Turkey, providing Catherine and myself with a good excuse for a brief weekend trip. Only an hour’s flight from Istanbul, the landscape throughout the surrounding area is fascinating. Covered with small, conic rock formations the locals refer to as ‘fairy chimneys,’ it has been host to various civilizations ranging from our cave-dwelling ancestors to early Christians hiding from religious persecution. We spent two days there – one hiking through the hills and the other floating above them in a hot air balloon. These are my favourite images from the trip.


Out for a midday hike, the spired landscape encouraged a careful look around.


Caves, dotted throughout the landscape, functioned as homes in the past and some even as churches.


The landscape was nearly martian from some angles.


We found a cafe, complete with old living room furniture, on top of a plateau overlooking one of the valleys.


We reunited with our traveling companions that night for sundown beers and some blue-hour photography.


The town of Goreme looked stunning as the sun went down and the lights came up.


We rose early for our hot air balloon experience. Balloons of all colours were lined up in the dark, getting all fired up for their passengers to arrive.


We raced the sun upward.


There are no bad angles from a hot air balloon.


Some of the balloons floating above Goreme.


Given the state of tourism in Turkey, I’d imagine these were fewer balloons than you would have seen in the past. They truly complimented the breathtaking scenery.


Looking down from our balloon, stomach in my throat.


We got fairly high!


Amazing views from the top.


We finished off our weekend with a quick hike before our flight – just enough time to crawl and explore inside a few more caves.

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