Joel’s Favourite Spanish Moments

With a two-week break between semesters at the end of January, we took off to Spain and Morocco for a well-deserved break. Catherine has traveled extensively through Spain and even lived there in the past, so she was designated tour guide for the first few days of our trip. Landing in Madrid, we spent a couple days there before working our way south to the Gibraltar Strait via Sevilla and Tarifa. Our days were packed with wandering, amazing art, and delicious tapas. And our nights were spent with fantastic wine, watching the world go by.

This was my first trip using only a Fuji x100T, and it was a little difficult at first getting used to the fixed lens and much slower and more intentional operation than the Sony cameras I was more familiar with. I had to get used to framing with my feet and planning ahead a bit more than I have in the past. Overall, another fantastic trip. Here are some of my favourite moments.

Madrid Streets
Landing in Madrid, we immediately dumped our bags and set out to wander the streets in search of tapas and vino. Madrid has some amazing streets.
Time out.
A street vendor in Madrid’s Puerta del Sol takes a break from his costume.
Captivated Crowd.
A street performer in Madrid entertains commuters at the end of the day.
Winding road.
We set out early Sunday morning to find the El Rastro street market.
I was here.
Endless art on the streets of Madrid.
El Rastro.
The market was in full swing when we finally arrived. This is by far the busiest street market I’ve ever seen in the West.
A cappella.
This acappella group was entertaining a large crowd packing stacked-pallet bleachers in the Plaza de la Cebada. It was the perfect spot for Sunday afternoon cervezas.
The artist.
A street artist working along the El Rastro market.
A healthy snack.
Churros y chocolate made a fantastic fuel stop. We ordered far too many churros.
Sunset over Madrid.
The sun setting from the top of Azotea.
Next stop.
The train station in Sevilla.
The orange-lined streets of Sevilla.
Time out.
The vending machines matched the relaxed and timeless ambiance of the area.
Intricate Islamic woodwork at the entrance to the Patio de los Naranjos and the Catedral de Sevilla. Religious art is better when it all gets along.
Making pictures.
A group of painters was set up in the Royal Alcazar of Sevilla.
Hedge maze.
In the gardens of the Royal Alcazar of Sevilla; some Game of Throne scenes had been filmed here.
Water reservoir under the Alcazar in Sevilla.
Having some fun in the palace of Naboo (AKA, Sevilla’s stunning Plaza de España).
Espacio Metropol Parasol
Under the mushroom in Sevilla, Spain.
View from the top.
Taking a moment to watch the sun set on an amazing day in Sevilla.
Our last stop in Spain was accompanied by a glorious dusk spent on the boardwalk of Tarifa.
Next stop.
Watching the sun set against the mountains of North Africa – our destination the next morning.
Two surfers catch the last waves of the day in Tarifa, Spain.
From Spain to Morocco.
Our destination for the next day.

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  1. Tamara says: Reply

    I know I’ve “liked” all of these pictures before but I could look at them over and over. Simple, stunning and beautiful. Thank you for taking us with you on your travels.

  2. Gorgeous photos ~ thanks for sharing

  3. I dig the stories in the captions.

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